Loreena McKennitt Talks About New Album

Hi folks. I have nothing much to say today so I will let the musicians and music do the talking. First stop is Loreena McKennitt’s press talk about the new album The Wind That Shakes The Barley. Nicely done and the questions focus more on the music and the production which are lacking today on interviews.


I also stumbled upon this interesting documentary involving Kila’s lead vocalist  Ronan O’Snodaigh.

2 thoughts on “Loreena McKennitt Talks About New Album

  1. I do so love Loreena and the way she gives voice to any song! I’ve only heard snatches of her new album, but I really like what I have heard.

    Ronan is a new voice for me. I like that he took the words and made them his own, as we all do when a song strongly strikes our hearts. I can think of a number of songs that when I’m blue, or up have a song that really holds those feeling in my own life.


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