Highland by Blackmore’s Night from the New Album

Those who love the beauty of British folk will have no second thoughts from savouring this track from this wonderful band whose roots go back to the 70’s.  Those who love the music that I featured in this site will surely love this release as well. After all, don’t we all love the essence of “Ren and Rock”? Read more on the press release for this wonderful duo of husband and wife team up.

NEW RELEASE DATE) Spinefarm Records to Release Blackmore’s Night’s ‘Autumn Sky’ In The US January 18th, New Song Streaming Now

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, the group featuring husband and wife Richie Blackmore and Candice Night, will be releasing their new album Autumn Sky on January 18th. With a career spanning nearly two decades, the band of minstrels has gained crossover success all over the world with its new genre of “Ren and Rock” music. The lyrics, written by award winning singer/songwriter Candice Night, are inspired by nature and the myths and fairy tales they encounter on their international travels. The melodies, composed and arranged by Grammy nominated Ritchie Blackmore, encompass musical structure and the essence of melodies from the early 1600s. And then they are “Blackmore-ized.” Blackmore’s Night’s last album, Secret Voyage, debuted at #1 on the Billboard New Age Chart and held that spot for four consecutive weeks. 

In addition to being known from their unique sound which combines traditional as well as modern day instruments (including electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, violins, shawms, chanters etc), and Candice’s enchanting lyrics and vocals, they are also known for their fabulous live shows, many of which have been performed at castles and other exceptional venues that add to the mystique and warmth of their performance. Blackmore’s Night has appeared nationwide on PBS and Discovery channel specials, and has been awarded the Best Album of the Year and Best Vocal Album of the year by NPR New Age Reporter for their past 7 studio CDs.

Autumn Sky brings us 14 new Blackmore’s Night songs, plus a cover of “Celluloid Heroes” from The Kinks. Recorded during Candice’s pregnancy, Candice and Ritchie have dedicated the Autumn Sky album to their newly born daughter Autumn Esmerelda Blackmore.

Listen to “Highland” from Autumn Sky here:

OFFICIAL SITE: www.blackmoresnight.com


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