Here’s Blarvuster For You!

Photo by Michael Weintrob

Sneak preview of  Matthew Welch’s project band

“The ensemble’s border-busting music is original and catchy. . . Blarvuster is worth sticking around for.” – The New York Times

The first reaction is ‘Whaaatttt!?” You’re probably trying to say blockbuster? is that’s it? Or your mouth is just full.

No guys I am serious. It’s another band. And they are not making typos. They are even making music enough for you to create typos. The polyrhythm is just awesome. The instruments are delectable that will make your ears water had they been place in a wrong part of your face.

Matthew Welch ( bagpipes, voice, soprano saxophone) lead this 9-piece band in a tight rein that displays undeniable virtuoso. I love the way the bagpipes ride the crispy drums. A loud wind instrument needs loud percussions. But the production is slick. this is a kind of record you can play over and over to let your siblings know that there’s still hope after Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber.

Matthew Welch – bagpipes, voice, soprano saxophone
Leah Paul – piccolo, flute, alto flute
Karen Waltuch – viola
Mary Halvorson – electric guitar (High Street and Bottoms Up)
Ian Riggs – bass guitar
Ches Smith – drums, glockenspiel (High Street and Bottoms Up)
Emily Manzo – piano (Canntaireachd Masolah)
Matthew Hough – electric guitar (Canntaireachd Masolah)
Mike Pride – drums, vibraphone (Canntaireachd Masolah)

Listen to the tracks through this link:


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