“Eluveitie – New Wave Of Folk Metal”..

They don’t have any Celtic bands in their collection but musically they are OK.

Ok, this thing fell on my hands . It’s Metal but it is also using Celtic styles. I hear pipes and whistles, a little bit of the fiddle jig there and yes the wonderful melodies. However I am a bit hesitant here…I checked up the band’s site and I don’t see anyone from the band giving reference to any Celtic bands that I know of. They all listen to typical metal music. So it makes you ask…are they or are they not?

Here’s one interesting info I got from Wiki: The lyrics are often in the extinct language Gaulish. Eluveitie is Helvetic Gaulish for “I am the Helvetian”, referring to an inscription dating to the earliest record of the Celtic Helvetii tribe from what is now Switzerland.

So is it really Celtic music plus Metal or are they just using Celtic music as a way to gain more acceptance from a number of people who might follow both styles of music. Either way this song really impressed me.

6 thoughts on ““Eluveitie – New Wave Of Folk Metal”..

  1. They’re a true Celtic/Metal crossover, and not a cheap cop-out using Celtic sounds to be cool. They’re from a part of Switzerland that has Gaulish roots and draws a lot of its culture from French Celtic culture. Their song Inis Mona is also really cool, and they sometimes do some pure acoustic songs that show that they do really know how to play true celtic music. I’m going to see them in February and they’re friggin awesome.


  2. Pierre- totally agree with you here. Baxter-thanks a lot for bringing this band into the fold- there is a big history of Celtic/Metal cross over. Even we have been there with Poitin collaborating with Czech metal band Mortal Destiny. We have found that there is a deep understanding of the meaning and power of Celtic music in so-called ‘metal’ bands which many dismiss as just ‘noise merchants’. The quality of musicianship in many metal bands is often overlooked by people interested in other genres, but I see you, Baxter, can appreciate it!


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