Moot: Manx Fusion At Its best

Moot welcomes you to the Manx landscapes…

It like trekking on a landscape of Sarah McLachlan, Delirium and Bjork. But Moot is actually a trio that have made music since the early part of this decade. The first time I stumbled upon them I am awed by the stage presence of the singers and the spare instrumental intervention. This is elevating music!  Details about them have been sketchy and I am still haunting the cyberspace for things I can get. But here’s is Moot singing gloriously from a sound that can only come from the Isle of Man.

According to youtube:

Song: Baiht

Baiht is an original love song in Manx Gaelic written by band’s flute player, Breesha — its chorus
translates: ‘I am drowned in your rays/I am full of light/I am at one with the world’
Moot is made up of three friends from the Isle of Man, who draw
inspiration from the Manx music that they were brought up with; Gaelic
songs of fishing and farming, love and loss. Their music does not
remain in the folk tradition – not initially a conscious decision – just the
result of drawing inspiration from somewhat eclectic record collections.
Aalin’s ‘soaring, jazz-tinged vocals’ are complemented by Breesha’s
mellifluous flute, driven along by Robert’s dub-tinged looping
soundscapes and random percussion!

Moot enjoys performing and meeting musicians from other cultures
and has featured at various music festivals such as the Festival
Interceltique de Lorient (2002&2003) and the Liet-Lavlut international
song contest for minority languages, Sweden (finalists 2006).

In 2006, Moot’s second CD, Holdfast, appeared. It features original and traditional songs in Manx and
English. Moot can also be heard on the compilation of contemporary Manx music The Lighthouse,
and on the debut album Uprooted.

For more information on booking this band for your festival please contact

Filmed by the Manx Heritage Foundation for the promotional DVD Manx Music & Dance/ Kiaull as Rinkey



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