Happy Breton Weekend

Some Breton music as the week goes to a close…

As weekend is here, I will be away from the Internet(I hope so but after getting a smart phone that would be hard to resist but still… ). I was trying to figure out what to post to cover my weekend of absence. I always make it a habit now to avoid checking even social networking sites like facebook or myspace. maybe I’d be with a nice book or be somewhere having an interesting conversation with someone at Bob’s Cafe. Whatever the case I will be away.

It’s usually important to detach oneself from the virtual world and enjoy the sunny outdoors-even for just two days! So what will I post here? I don’t have any interview with a Celtic musician yet…or album to review. And then it hit me. I have been posting videos from youtube on my facebook profile today. I have been inspired once again by the music of Brittany. So our ears point to the West of France this week 🙂

Take for instance this beautiful presentation with the music of Dan Ar Braz “Borders of Salt”….

More scenes with the band Tri-Yann..


Have a nice weekend!

7 thoughts on “Happy Breton Weekend

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