New Brenda Wootton Album: All of Me

Featuring unreleased tracks from this legendary Cornish singer.

A few months ago I wrote something about Brenda Wootton. Then Gloria from told me that they discovered recordings of her just ‘sitting there’ and they decided to remaster it for a release.  I think it’s amazing. I think every one of my readers can relate to this feeling-to uncovered musical treasures lying somewhere. Just imagine the full potential of it. The magic and the fact that it will really sound ‘new’ because no one has heard it before.

The album has finally got its release this November 1. What a good date to release an album from a late singer . And it’s like she’s back to serenade us with her beautiful voice from the other side…just for us – her listeners and those who just stumbled upon her music.

There’s always been something magical about Cornwall. And part of it is due to Brenda Wootton(1928-1994).

Buy the album here:


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