It has been a while since I last wrote an essay here. And I love essays. They compel you to set down and bleed your thoughts either in the computer screen or on a piece of paper. I still belong to the old school who values writing journals on paper but I love what computers can do as well.

Samhain is what is New Year to Celts. Here we put down our thoughts or even share them on  a bonfire.  And with that there’s a lot of music, food and drinks. I don’t really believe in excess. I am a person who should KNOW that since I lived my life in excess before. But now that’s changed. When you reach your thirties, you start to realize that you have responsibilities not only to yourself but to other people as well. You start to really live for others . In this sense you become strong. Because you have to. Other lives depend on you.

So I guess now that Halloween is drawing near, it is time to give thanks to the people around who changed our lives one way or the other. It is the time to show more kindness in a world that threatens our belief in free speech and human equality. May you all be blessed.



8 Replies to “Reflection”

  1. I love this song, and of course her “All Soul’s Night,” which also deals with this time of the year as well. It’s a time to dance sing talk and let go of all that you are to fill your spirit with the new year as it comes in. Mainly so there will be a fresh start and leave all the bad of the old year behind.


  2. I love this song too. Halloween(Samhain) is such a wonderful time of the year. I love this season because it’s harvest time and there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables available for eating and preserving. I love the changing colors of the trees and shrubs. I love the short cool nights and the long warm days. I love the fact that most tourists have left but the weather is still warm and the forest trails and beaches are relatively empty.

    The harvest is in and the storage of food has been done. Before the winter arrives there is time to sing and dance and celebrate. The tradition of a bonfire celebration is still alive where I live. and we don’t do the door to door thing. There are not many subdivisions with rows of homes close to each other here. There is no public transit or street lighting. It’s a small small forested island. The topography is challenging even in day light hours (hairpin turns, blind spots, huge inclines & drops).

    As a result 50 years ago a children’s Halloween hayride and large community party was brought into being. There are two beaches that we use to set up an outdoor Halloween wonderland. There are several homes converted into “haunted houses” for touring set up close by. We have multiple marquee featuring games, skits, music and dancing. We have lots of homemade treats & hot chocolate. There are also wandering minstrels, vampires, werewolves and clowns that give out candy. There are fairies, witches and vampire brides who do the same too.

    As this is an an artists colony full of artists, musicians and theatrical people everyone goes all out when it comes to costuming and being “in character”. All our local business people go all out and their employees are costumed throughout the week prior to Halloween. Perhaps the best part of our Halloween here is “The Tunnel”. It’s a stretch of road that cuts through the deepest part of the forest like a tunnel. One week prior to Halloween people bring their carved pumpkins and set them up with candles along the sides of the road, in the ditches and on tree branches. They return each night to light the candles. The result is truly spooky and very cool.

    The volunteer fire department has a barge in the bay where they have a tremendous fireworks display at 10 PM to end the night.


  3. This is what’s wonderful about being in an artist’s community. People can come as they are during this time of the year. And there are a lot of things to do. Artistic people need to have ‘clusters’ of like-minded people around them to be continuously challenged creatively. As we all know, the environment is an important factor in how we behave and how we feel.

    It looks like you live in such a magical place. Especially when you describe the landscapes. How nice it would be if someday you can post pictures of places you’ve been to and how people are doing day by day. There is joy in simple things.


  4. I love “The Mummer’s Dance.” What a great tune. Samhain rocks, too. Wait ’til you get to your 40s & your body starts going to hell, though. Do what you want to NOW. It doesn’t get any easier.


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