Dom Duff for a Brythonics Show on 25th February 2011

I got this from the media release . Those into Breton music will be pleased with what’s coming up.

Hi all,
Here the news for this autumn:
– We are playing Milan Capodanno Celtico fri 29th Oct. (full line up)
– Interceltic Lorient festival asked me to represent Brittany with my song “Kan an Awen” in LIET Competition (Europeans minorities languages acts, including Asturia, Ireland, Feroes, Sami, …)

– We are working hard for a Brythonics show on 25th february to be launch in CC Amzer Nevez PLOEMEUR (Brittany). The show will be a saga about Brythonics invading Brittany from 5 to 8th century.
A concept in collaboration with Andy Jones (Swansea based singer-songwritter) and Colm O’snodaigh (Kila member, singing, flute, percussions). Songs in breton, welsh, english, …

– Album ROC’H is doing well in shops and is now available in iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, Napster, We7, Spotify, Deezer, …

This brand new opus is in a complete Dom unique Power-Folk style.
As usual, Dom is delivering the same energy, great voice, great guitars, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass, drums …

You can listen full songs here :

“Good stuff” WSLR 95FM Floride USA
“International bewichtment” Planet FM – Auckland NZ
“la musique et le rythme sont génials, ainsi que cette jolie voix” Radio Internationale Athènes
“Songs with soul” Radio Varna Bulgarie

about ROC’H :

Dom DufF : voice, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, e-bow, banjo
Nicola Hayes : fiddle
Dom Bott : bass
Mourad Ait Abdelmalek : drums
David Seité : bodhran, cajon,
Huw Rees : drums
Patrick Péron : piano


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