Oona McOuat: Thoughts from Burgoyne Bay

The Celtic enchantress have things to tell us: A new album in the making, Beltane and other goodies!

CMF:I like the new profile pic in FB. Where was this taken?

The photo was taken just down the road from here at Burgoyne Bay on Salt Spring Island.
So what’s upcoming musically? Updates? Gigs?

Musically….I am beginning to write material for a new album. No immediate plans to record but my goal is to carve out space this fall and winter for the muse to move through me. I am open to being surprised by what appears stylistically and content-wise as I compose, and I hope to create music that has a universal appeal – songs which address the deep inner feelings, needs, desires, joys and sorrow we all share.

On a fun note I am directing a “Glee” choir which incorporates singing, dancing and musical accompaniment all done by 11-18 year olds and I am loving the process of working with these kids! I am also teaching music to a profoundly deaf child which is amazing as we explore the vibration within the sound together.

I made some touring contacts in bellisima, sun-kissed Italy while I was there last month. I would love to return to Europe next summer with a couple of band members.

I have just begun discussion with a small record label that is supporting me in moving to the next level with my career. I need an assistant – badly – to help with getting licensing and radio play in place and I also really really want to produce some beautiful videos of my songs.
How did you spend your Beltane?

Beltane – that was May 1st, right? I went to a gathering at Duck Creek Farm on Salt Spring. They had erected a Maypole and I played my harp and sang as people danced around it. It was fun!
What are you listening to?

I just pulled some old CDs off the shelf – Beth Nielson Chapman – one of my favorite songwriters of all times – Deeper Still. Joanna Newsom, who has awesome harp arrangements but odd to me vocals – Yys – and the late, great Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Facing Future – a gorgeous album from Hawaii.


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