Anam/Spirit Radio Debut and Other Celtic Festivals

Those who are excited to get a full length audio treatment of Jenne Lennon’s Anam/Spirit will catch it here: The song is taken from Celtic Dreams under Quickstar Productions. Here’s an invitation from Jenne:

Hello Everyone. My new single “Anam/Spirit” is making its radio debut this Saturday, Sept. 11th on The Songwriter’s Network Live 365 radio from 6PM to 11PM Eastern time. This marks a sad day for America, but a song about forgiveness and the in-conquerable human spirit seems fitting. Thank you all for the support.


If you are in West Dundee Illinois then you will catch  The Fox Valley Irish Fest. Very interesting array of performances from bands to Irish dancing.


I love blue grass music and the Niall Toner band delivers  the genre with a force of a firestorm. The music will leave you breathless and you will spend the night tapping your toes long after the music is done. This is such a treat for those who like the fusion of Celtic and American music. Better check them out:


If you are in Rome then you should not miss the Harp Festival in Rome:


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