The Harcourt Hotel Presents: Seamus Begley

If you are in Dublin  looking for the heart of traditional music, then you better drop by to this one- stop place. Great names have played here and according to the description:

Harcourt Hotel formerly known as The Home of
Traditional Irish Music from 32 Counties was first introduced in the late 80’s and leading Musicians,Singers & Dancers performed for many years at what was acclaimed “The Altar of Trad “by journalists.

The website:

Check out Seamus Begley to play you great music:

Seamus Begley will be joined by Tim Edey and “Special Surprise at he Re Launch of Traditional Harcourt Sessions on Mon 13th Sept from 6.30pm

Info about the video: An t- Eilean Muileach – O’ Beir Mo Dhuthracht-Seamus Begley with Tim Edey and Karen Matheson at The Old Fruit Market Glasgow part of Celtic Connections 2010 (Seudana Chuan)

3 thoughts on “The Harcourt Hotel Presents: Seamus Begley

  1. How lovely. He has a really is good, but so is she! I really loved that song, and it’s funny that I haven’t heard it before too. Thanks for this beautiful way to begin my time online today!


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