Ballykissangel Plus the Amazing Blue Harper

It looks like this blog has taken a detour lately as we feature more and more heartwarming TV series. I don’t really watch television but I will make an exception to Irish-themed ones. They are always excellent. Nothing beats Irish humor. It is like a kick on the stomach. Remember Granny O’Grimm? I thank Christi for introducing me to this show. There will be more to come 🙂


An amazing talent has piqued my interest lately. This is no other than Athy Blueharper from  Buenos Aires, Argentina. His style is a combination of funk and jazzy type. He has an air of a prankster bard but he is a serious composer performer.  I will be doing an email interview with him soon so watch out for that one.


5 thoughts on “Ballykissangel Plus the Amazing Blue Harper

  1. I do so love Ballykissangel! Our library has it on DVD and they are all on a huge waiting list to get – in a Dutch town no less! That first scene is just a taste of the craziness and great characters that populate this, “typical,” Irish town.

    Athy Blueharper looks the part of a really different musician. Cool discovery for me.


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