Poitín and Rain Today…

Hi guys. It’s been raining on my side of the globe. The sky is always beautiful when it happens. I finished my shift at 4 in the morning and then had to spend time logging in to Facebook to check what’s new in music or what the ‘community’ is talking about. Then I had to visit MySpace and check my bookmarks for bands I haven’t reviewed yet-or recommended to you. I also had to check my email for newsletter and goodies. This is how I get my news. Nothing extraordinary. The YouTube thing comes on the last part when I am, sure I want to post a video. I know videos are not really helpful for the site because they make navigation slow. But then again if only  there is  a way for me to post music other than videos then it would work for me. But videos are more interesting right?

It seems that a lot of new talents are coming up in the music biz. It is great that there is an awareness brought about by the Internet and music festivals. It would be cool to see more bands doing it for themselves, releasing albums under an indie label and just continue to cheer us with more interesting music.

I realize I haven’t been more conversant in my earlier article because I thought it would take you away from the main focus which is music. But then I realize that doing the same formula will make everything impersonal. You do want someone to talk to you right? To make you feel better and cheer you up. I know the times have got more challenging. But I know positivity will get us somewhere. Just hold on.


The Czech Republic is not only interesting for the old statues and churches. It is also a place of talented people. Years ago I befriended a musician who is so passionate about music that he put up his own chat site. He got married but moved on…But then I know one way or another he is still making music out there… What brought me back to my musings is this interesting band called POITÍN and they make amazing  and energetic music. This makes one proud being part of the circle. This is after all our collective musical culture which has nothing to do with race and nationality. Please listen to their music here:

You can also catch them in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Poitin-Celtic-World-Music/105492236430?v=wall and twitter.
An interesting line up of members too:
Jaroslav “Oto” Machácheck – fiddle (founder member and chief beard sucker); Jakub Siegl – guitars; Jan Brabets – bouzouki, banjo, tin whistle, backing vocals; Jeremy Marc King – lead vocals, bodhran; Sasha Shantorova- flute and whistles; Dick Savage- Didgeridoo, spoons, egg, backing vocals…
Got the Celtic Woman CD!
Thanks to Daly Communications especially to Fior Urena in New York for sending me my first Celtic Woman CD. It’s like Christmas all over again.

7 thoughts on “Poitín and Rain Today…

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