Band:Caladh Nua,Celtic Cross and Paul Taggart’s Lone Piper

Today, I am inspired to think about kindness and what it does to people.  I tend to gravitate towards gentle people. Most of my longtime friends are gentle people. People think that there is something cool about bombastic attitude, you know the thrashing and all that. Perhaps there is safety in numbers. People love to be associated with the ‘stronger’ crowd . I know about bullying because I have been a victim. And it is not good. There is nothing to be gained in pain. And no one lives forever. One day we will shuffle off this mortal coil. Nothing remains but the good things you’ve taught to people( and even bad ones). let us all be remembered in kindness.


Let me introduce you to a group of young ‘uns who are making glorious music from Kilkenny Ireland. Caladh Nua has been making traditional music with exceptional style. From the jazzy rendition of the traditional tune Cad e sin don te sin to the other energetic fiddling stuff, they stay interesting. For more info check their site out:


Another band worth noting is New York based Celtic Cross. The vocals of Kathleen Fee  has a faint influence of Mary Black . Anyone who is into Pogues, De Dannan, Horslips and Planxty will love this energetic country tinged Celtic band. Check out their latest pics taken from the latest WFUV gig.


Donie from Dublin has been giving me important links of the tunes he love. We have been chatting about 80s music and he sent me a link to a Phil Lynott video. I was very surprised because I have been missing this song.  Phil was a prominent member of Thin Lizzy-he WAS Thin Lizzy after all, and his legacy continues….


New video from artist Paul Taggart.

He has a lot of interesting videos in his official channel

This one is called “Lone Piper” from The Spirit of the Highlands  collection. Wow he does have a nice speaking voice. By the way, that is a beautiful painting. The colors are heavenly.


2 thoughts on “Band:Caladh Nua,Celtic Cross and Paul Taggart’s Lone Piper

  1. The celts were a great people who excelled in music and arts and craftsmanship. It does my heart good to see that influence being brought back through so many young bands and singers.
    Keep up the great work


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