New Music from Ireland’s Oldest Music Festival

It is taking awhile . I mentioned that I have no access to computer at home for now and I am relying on so little time to post here. But Alas! News is still coming  from all sides. I got this press release from Spotlight Communications and  this is such a fine info. I am loving Fidil!

Ireland’s Oldest Music Festival Delivers Ireland’s Newest Talent!!!

The programme for the  33rd Ballyshannon Folk and Traditional Music Festival was announced recently. What is widely recognised as Ireland’s oldest Traditional Music Festival, this year presents an exciting programme with some of the newest, youngest and freshest Irish and international talent on the folk and traditional music scene.

This well loved festival, which takes place from July 30th to August 1st, will introduce acts such as Fidil – a trio of young award winning Donegal fiddle players whose performances have been described as mind blowing and stunning. The young Derry singer-songwriter, Eilidh Patterson will also appear at this years festival following a year of delighting audiences across the US and UK. Ballyshannon girl, Shauna Mullin will return to her roots, performing with The Dave Munnelly Band, thrilling local and visiting audiences with her rich sonorous tones and individual vocal style.

This years’ programme also delivers some of the bigger hitting starts of the traditional and folk music scene with Lúnasa, Solas and Andy Irvine appearing over the weekend.

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s festival will be the exhibition of 30 years of Barry Britton Festival posters. These iconic images which have become collector’s items over the past three decades will be presented in The Abbey Centre in Ballyshannon for the duration of the festival. (see this year’s poster attached)

With free open air concerts, live pub sessions, workshops and a new talent showcase in this years programme, The Ballyshannon Folk and Traditional Music Festival is sure to have something to cater for all tastes. Full details of all events are available online at Tickets available at

July 19th 2010

For further press information, photography or to arrange an interview, please contact Siobhán Calpin @ Spotlight Communications on 0878527760.

I am adding an Andy Irvine video for the benefit of fans. This is The Blacksmith(1977):

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