Northern Roots Festival as Chronicled in Brush by Paul Taggart

Paul Taggart is a Scottish painter who recently became my contact in facebook. He uploaded and provided a link to this video, and now you have it. Look at his WORK in the middle of this video. One day I am going to ask questions from this artist and have them posted here. I listen to Hank Williams and this is a wonderful surprise.


A further video from Northern Roots Festival 2010 featuring Dean Owens, Bruce MacGregor, Lorraine Lucas, Bob Massie and others at the “Are you sure Hank did it this way? tribute to Hank Williams. A wonderful Saturday afternoon had by all in the Musicians’ Snug & Bistro.

My friend from Ireland Donie Ryan ( also a painter sent me a link to a Christy Moore video. As you might remember, Donie became our guest last time when I ask him about his art. Here is the Video. Enjoy!

More news…..

Cecile Corbel will start her performance dates in Japan this August. one of which is the anticipated performance in Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Here are the dates:

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
08/04/2010, 19:00
Festival Rock in Japan
08/07/2010, 00:00

I finally got Fiona J MacKenzie’s new(autographed) CD  A Good Suit of Clothes (songs of the immigrant gael) and I tell you, I am so moved by the beautiful arrangement and her voice! I will write more about it here soon.

Just look at these reviews of her album:


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