Tour Info from The High Kings, Darren Holden and Brian Dunphy

Contemporary with a dash of traditional and country, Darren Holden (who is popularly known as one of the High Kings) is quite busy this month with his touring schedules. That is not surprising considering the fact that his career did take off after relocating to New York and working with important names in the business. He holds the reputation as not only a singer of a high order but also as a composer and instrumentalist. Hopefully you’ll get to catch Darren as he makes it near you. Check out these schedules…

Speaking of The High Kings, hear them live at the sugar club. These guys never fail to dazzle listener with the energetic rendition of traditional materials and connection to the audience. Their anecdotes and humour create a relaxed atmosphere where they could explain the origins of each interesting pieces.

Brian Dunphy started his musical career as part of the Riverdance. From then on everything is history. Blazing the trail as part of the Three Irish Tenors, Brian now tours with The High Kings and has released his first solo CD Timeless.

Brian Dunphy

3 thoughts on “Tour Info from The High Kings, Darren Holden and Brian Dunphy

  1. Love the High Kings and these two as well. I have their first album and really want to get the second, but it costs a lot online! Unlike Celtic Woman, the High Kings focus mostly on the Celtic music and not on the popular music of the day. That is what I love and I especially love their first cut off the new CD with the Wolf Tones, “On The One Road.”


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