Who’s Who:Emer Kenny,The Mud Girls and Oona’s Teachings.

The Mud Girls ,have  been making a stir  these days as one of a kind group of women builders. They have built houses from cob, as well as other natural material such as strawbale, driftwood, adobe, cordwood and recycled materials like glass, car tires, glass bottles and more. I discovered  them through Oona McOuat’s website….

Speaking of Oona McOuat, this Canadian chanteuse has not only been making music but is involved in a lot of projects. Earth Keepers Faerie Camp and Ocean Wisdom Mermaid Camp (among others) draw a lot of crowd. Learn more by visiting http://www.oonamcouat.com/teaching.html

emer kenny
Emer Kenny

Who is Emer Kenny? Well myth says she is a fairy who stepped out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting and is now recording music in Dublin….

The truth?

Emer Kenny is actually the wistful, ethereal voice behind three acclaimed recordings, Emer Kenny(1997), Fades into Day (2001) and Parting Glass(2004). A graduate of  the College of  Music in Dublin and Trinity College of Music London, she started her hand in writing music for theaters. Her media appearances attracted the attention of Mercury records that led to her debut self-titled album in 1997. Musicians such as Fionuala Sherry of Secret Garden and the Chieftains percussionist Peadar Mercer guested in this album. From then on, two more remarkable albums followed. So I am sure you would be interested to know. Happy haunting for those Emer Kenny albums.

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