Celtic Woman,Celtic Highway,Scottish Web and Grada on Tour.

It’s kind of funny when people you don’t really feel an affiliation to suddenly talks to you about music. You realize that your pre conceived thoughts (negative they may be) seem irrelevant and powerless against the building enthusiasm. Sometimes, with the deception that the world around us builds, music is like this little port in a storm. You realize that there is really nothing impractical about music collection. It’s the kind of topic that really sparks up dinner table conversation. After all, music is like an archeological study. The more you collect, the more you gain insight into the culture and the times. Happy digging.

Fans of Celtic Woman will be excited to know about this one night concert Songs from the Heart. Expect to be enchanted and captivated with this group that made international headlines since Riverdance. See information below(and the link to purchase tickets).


For those going to Scotland this year, Discover Scotland is a great site to bookmark. Information about  musical events supporting all genres can be found in this website. Very informative links to places to see, history, humor etc will help you a lot …..

I have been listening to Celtic Highway since I have become a VIP member of Live 365. For those who love both New Age and Celtic Music, this is for you. I was really surprised when The River Sings by Enya (Amarantine) gets a decent airplay. Golden Brown by Emer Kenny which is a remake of a nice song done by The Stranglers also gets exposure here. Of course, bands like 2002, Dagda and those with similar bend can be heard here. A DJ occasionally introduces a song . I will write more about 365 when I get to explore all of the stations.

Irish band Grada will be touring the rest of July in the Czech Republic. But before that they will be in Country Mayo as part of the Summer Music series at Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet, 8pm and ending the month in Italy.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of July:

10th – Mayo County Summer Music Series, Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet, 8pm

x Czech Republic ***

x July 22nd – Kurim (castle courtyard)

x July 23th – Keltska Noc Festival, Plumlov

x July 25th – Namest n/Oslavou (castle courtyard)

Italy ***

31st – Italy, Camerano (Ancona)


2 Replies to “Celtic Woman,Celtic Highway,Scottish Web and Grada on Tour.”

  1. Thanks for the tip on Celtic Highway. I’ll have to check it out. There’s not a lot of live Celtic music played here in the New Orleans area, unfortunately. I still do hope to get to a Welsh Eisteddfodd one of these days…


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