Karen Matheson and Fiona Kennedy

For lack of any news today,I am featuring two wonderful Scottish singers.What attracted me to this song is the rapid firing of Gaelic language. I think more than the music, it is the language that defines the authenticity  of the rt. Without  it, then Celtic music would be incomplete. That is why I admire singers who  perfect the art of singing the language.

American singers like Connie Dover earn my respect for being fluent both in Scottish and Irish Gaelic. Then there are those who sing in Breton and Welsh…or any of the languages. It is this sense that colors the art. English after all, is not the only important language there is. We need it to communicate. But it is not as beautiful as the Celtic languages.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Karen Matheson and Fiona Kennedy

  1. I love listening to Gaelic and have many of my CDs that I listen to because of the way the language sounds. I like the Irish Gaelic, because it’s familiar to me, but the Scottish is a whole new sound in some ways! (I really love it too, though!)


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