Unreleased Brenda Wootton Live Recordings Uncovered!

Brenda Wootton.This voice still haunts and reminds us that there is this thing called continuity and immortality when we talk about this type of music. Previously unreleased live recordings of her performance in Paris has been discovered and will undergo professional production for public release. Learn more about this news here: http://www.livingincornwall.com/index.htm

According to Living in Cornwall website:

John, my husband, had a recording studio back in the ’80’s and was Brenda Wootton’s sound engineer and co-producer during the peak of her international recording career. He came across two tapes from that time and written on the labels was, ‘Brenda ???’. These have transpired to be unique for two reasons; firstly, these live tracks have never been heard, and secondly, that the tapes are still in a playable condition!


Fiona  J MacKenzie..the Voice!

Listen to this beautiful performance in Scots Gaelic.


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