Brenda Wootton and Alan Stivell Duet

This is a great find in YouTube. Yesterday I blogged about  a feature in where a never released live recordings of Brenda Wootton resurfaced. I also talked about Alan Stivell‘s new album Emerald. As we all know, France adored Brenda , a prominent figure in the Interceltique Festivals up to the time she passed away in 1994. This video (Amazing Grace) I think was taken around 1984. The quality is not that good but the audio is fine. Here you can witness the vocal power of this lady and how Alan Stivell accompanied her!


For those who hasn’t sin up for a Marc Gunn newsletter, you better get one. Marc is a great source for new Celtic bands out there. There are also free MP3 samplers that you can listen to on his site . A great thing before your conviction to buy the complete album. He is a musician himself and at the same time he supports other musicians.

One thought on “Brenda Wootton and Alan Stivell Duet

  1. Great to see the Brenda video. The tapes are well on the way to being finished and then cover design etc. If anyone picks up this blog and was with Brenda on the Paris gigs, I’m now researching the background, please contact me.

    There are some song never recorded, even in the studio,and fantastic version of Trelawny with Camborne Town Band.


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