Clannad Concert in Italy

The Clannad Newsblog has confirmed the appearance onstage of the world-renowned band from Donegal. According to the Newsblog:

It has just been confirmed that Clannad will be performing in Trieste Italy at the 2010 edition of the Triskell Festival Celtico Internazionale. The concert takes place on saturday July 17th 2010, 9PM at the Rossetti Opera House. Tickets will be available at soon. More later.


I have been re- reading the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and I remember clearly Stuart Townsend who played Lestat  in The Queen of the Damned. Before I created this blog I saw him on a video campaigned to save Tara. I am going to repost the links here so that it will bring back memories.

and Stuart as The Vampire Lestat


4 Replies to “Clannad Concert in Italy”

  1. Wish I could go to see Clannad! That would be wonderful to hear and experience them in the opera house!

    Save Tara is ongoing, thank goodness. But more signatures are necessary!


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