Why Celtic Music Fanatics Should Love Mary Jane Lamond

Just when we thought the singer with the golden voice has deserted us and left us riddles in Gaelic , she is back and is going around doing some shows. It seems that the foremost representative of Cape Breton’s Gaelic culture is back with more surprises. My foray into this lady’s music was actually due to an accident. I walked in the record store when I was in Makati, when I saw Làn Dùil. I knew the music would e something I like. The packaging says it. The colors red and gold expresses the sentiments. When I opened the liner notes I got a big smile. All songs are written in Gaelic! Though I am not a Gaelic speaker, I love the sound of it. I asked the sales person to play it in loud speakers. It was like going home. From then on I followed her career, and was really surprise when I learned she performed in Ashley McIsaac’s tracks like Sleepy Maggie. Miss Lamond is not the type of artist who releases an album every year. She takes her time doing intensive research. It is after all her academic background that brought her to Celtic music. Now she is really back and we hope for a long long time.






5 thoughts on “Why Celtic Music Fanatics Should Love Mary Jane Lamond

  1. I really like her sound! She has a sound much like the the Rankin Sisters (From the Rankin Family) out of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. They are recording again, but I loved the earlier albums the best. Their album North Country is my favorite.


  2. Excellent pick up you got there Christi! Yes very much so. I also like the simplicity in her vocals since she doesn’t want to over power the message of the song, rather making the two( voice and language) merge together like honey and tea. Thanks for the info about them recording again. Someday I wish we could go together in Cape Breton Island.


    • The message is beautiful, and her voice carries it so well – I agree.

      I would love to meet you in on Cape Breton Island! Just think of the music we could enjoy!


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