Soundtrack for a Rainy Day

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Rain has finally fallen in this part of the world. When it rains I usually create a playlist which changes a week. Rain is good. It is the best time for reflection, the best time to curl on a blanket and sip hot chocolate over bread and butter. It is the best time to watch the leaves dance and feel the breeze against your face. It is the best possible way to smell the damp earth rising to your nostrils as liquid diamonds patter and patter. The tympani of heaven break loose midst the spotlight dancing on clouds. There is something supernatural about this weather and what better soundtrack to match the moment than these gems I have compiled. You can look them up in the internet, or if you are curious and want a copy then email me.

  1. Suantraithe-Noirin Ni Riain
  2. Prayer-Oona McOuaut
  3. Stolen Child(live)-Loreena McKennitt
  4. Mhorag’S Na Horo Gheallaidh-Clannad
  5. The Wind That Shakes the Barley-Dead Can Dance
  6. Black is the Colour-Cara Dillon
  7. Erin-Solas
  8. When Juniper Sleeps-Seamus Egan
  9. Tighnn Air A’mhuir Am Fear a Phosas Mi-Capercaillie
  10. Dark Carnivale-The Gypsy Nomads
  11. Nau Bretoa- Carlos Nunez.
  12. Na Laetha Geal M’oige-Enya
  13. Brian Boru-Alan Stivell
  14. Dream Angus-Teresa Doyle
  15. The Dawning of the Day-Mary Fahl
  16. The House Carpenter-Mick McAuley
  17. To America-Ashley McIsaac
  18. Tread Softly-Grada
  19. Siamsa-Ronan Hardiman
  20. Daouzek Hunvre-Denez Prigent

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