Carré Manchot in The Music Map

There are so many reasons to go to France. Not only that it is the country hosting the biggest Celtic music event called Interceltique Festival, the west coast is also home to Breton music. There are so many musicians that are already out there stirring the scene with their brand of Celtic music and some of them made it to our ears. Let me present now

Carré Manchot

This  I got from the official website:

Carré Manchot is a traditional dance music band from Brittany; it was founded in 1986 by Remi MARTIN (box accordion), Jean-Claude RIOU (fiddle), Herve LE LU (bombarde) and Gilbert LE PENNEC (guitar), who still plays with the band today. The same year, they produced their first recording: “Tabalich”.

In 1988, Remi and Jean-Claude left and were replaced by Ronan ROBERT (box) and Ronan PINC (fiddle). After two albums (“Mab ar Miliner” and “An Disparti”), both Ronan left the band and three musicians joined: Yannig ALORY (wooden flute), Erwan VOLANT (bass) and Yann-Loïc JOLY (box accordion). Together they released five albums: “Noz!” (1996), “Riboul!” (1997),”Liyannaj” (1999, featuring Guadeloupean group “Akiyo Ka” and breton singer Patrick Marie), “Degemer” (2001), “Liyannaj Live” (2003). In 2005, Stéphane SOTIN (percussions) replaced Erwan Volant and in 2006, Carré Manchot recorded a new album “Laÿoù” and celebrated their 20th anniversary on July the 13th in Mûr-de-Bretagne, along with many Breton musicians and bands.

In 2007, Herve LE LU, founding member, and Stephane SOTIN, percussionist, hit the road for some new musical adventures…
Uilleann piper Loïc BLEJEAN joined in January 2007.This new line-up keeps playing with the same energy that has made Carré Manchot one of the most acclaimed Breton music band for more than twenty years on the dance floors of festou noz in Brittany and elsewhere…

My personal observation:

This is quite unique coming from Breton music. The melodies are gentle, the instruments are not the usual wall of sound you would expect without the bombarde and the binou. It is also interesting to note that the band has been around since 1986 and yet they still play with the same energy the day they started. They are still here, still making beautiful music for us. And I think this is what makes the rest of the guys wonderful.


For those who are curious about the Yaouank music fest in Brittany is, this is a good link:


And here is my friend

Dom DufF

with the Bagad Rosend Mor at Paimpol Chant de Marin

He has an updated website:


The last but not the least,

Hamon Martin Métamorphose Project

Wow, I love the energy of these guys. The instruments are something you would like to dip your ears into and experience a moment  of bliss. Sweet, spicy and a lot of Celtic Spirit. So watch out for these guys.


5 Replies to “Carré Manchot in The Music Map”

  1. Carré Manchot seems to have a softness of satin in their music that is almost a yearning from the Celtic music I’ve known for years. Lovely, too.

    Dom really carries that ballad with his deep resonating voice. His guitar playing grabs too, and that HMM Project does well what Breten music does even in the far reaches of the Louisiana country where we call it Cajun music. I really love it when you can hear the echo of the father in the music of those who comes after him and celebrate his musical gift!


    1. Oh yeah I know all about Cajun music and often read it from novels of writers from that part of the United States like Poppy Z Brite and Anne Rice. One of the places I wanna go to someday.


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