The Derry Air by Phil Coulter

I am listening to a compilation called Celtic Collections-The Sound of Ireland. There is this one track from Phil Coulter called Derry Air which includes the unmistakable melody of Danny Boy. This track is taken from his 1983 release Classic Tranquility.  Lush strings and piano keys powerfully  punctuated into emotional lines dominate this piece which does sound dated in a Richard Clayderman sense but in a good way. It’s like going back into the late 70’s and the early 80’s when instrumental music became such a hit and taking out your phonograph player, you find yourself standing in this part of Ireland overlooking the scenery.


2 thoughts on “The Derry Air by Phil Coulter

  1. Wow! Does that have a feel of country music! It really helps to point to the connection between American Country music and the roots that gave it live – the Celtic in all its pain and joy. I really love Phil Coulter and his music. He even has enticed me to learn and follow rugby because of his fabulous song, “Ireland.” He wrote it as the Irish team’s anthem and it is fabulous!


  2. Thanks for pointing out to me which wasn’t obvious before . IT is true that we form certain opinions about music based on the chemistry of the moment .Now that you’ve mentioned it, it comes clear.


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