Sarah McLachlan’s New Album and More Bands.

Update! Sarah McLachlan’s new album will be launched in June 15 2010 . She ‘s one of those artists who take years to release a follow-up album. I am sure fans will be delighted with this news. I find the cover totally amazing. I am sure the tracks are heavenly, as can be expected from this singer who possesses one of the most beautiful voices in the world. The new single is “Loving you is Easy” which you can download from Itunes. Although Sarah’s music is not really Celtic, she does have a voice easily loved by Celtic music fans.


Cape Breton based band The Cottars has just released Feast. This is a huge relief from the uncertainty fans have after years of almost no update from the band.  The foursome of Bruce, Ciaran, Claire and Fiona will surely cure hungry ears with their latest release now available in record stores.

May 6, 2010
THE COTTARS Make The Folk Music Charts
THE COTTARS rank in the Top 10 in the categories ‘Top Canadian Album’, ‘Top Canadian Song’ and ‘Top Canadian Artist’ in the DJ folk survey.

Pics courtesy of the band’s official website:


Eden’s Bridge, creating a kind of music that makes you think: this is probably how angels sigh. Melodic, layered and polished to a luminous intensity. The band merge Celtic music’s distinctive style and Christian sensibilities creating a kind of material that appeals to both secular and religious tastes. Originally from Yorkshire England has been around since 1997. Their old website will be updated soon.

Sarah Lacy-Bird : vocals
Richard Lacy : keyboards
Terl Bryant : Drums, percussion
Jon Large : bass
David Bird : guitars
Michael McGoldrick : uilleann pipes, whistles, flutes


3 Replies to “Sarah McLachlan’s New Album and More Bands.”

  1. On Sarah, well she’s just fabulous, and the same for the Cotters! I’ve followed quite a few Canadian groups over the years. Oh, and I love Eden’s Bridge – I have their first CD and it is fabulous!

    (In my opinion one of the saddest losses on the Canadian Celtic music scene was the Rankins. Have you heard of them? I have three of their CDS. )


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