Reel Roots in WNKU-FM Interview Featuring John Whelan and Alyth McCormack

John Whelan (picture courtesy of Reel Roots)

My Cincinnati informer Cole Imperi has brought me this wonderful news and link to an audio. Riverdance has introduced me to the wonderful music of John Whelan and that name stuck with me ever since. Now Reel Roots Folk Music Alliance has brought to the fore these wonderful talents in Celtic music that one should not miss. thanks to the wonderful audio clip I was able to get an impression as to what fans would expect if they happen to attend one of the concerts. I give high five to people like Kristin Kirby for being so passionate about the music she loves to the point of putting this wonderful multimedia event! Here’s the press release:

Reel Roots Featured in WNKU-FM Interview

Cincinnati Public Radio Station Takes a Look at Celtic Music, Reel Roots

CINCINNATI—13 May 2010—Reel Roots’ owner Kristen Kirby was featured in a four-minute interview aired on 89.7 WNKU-FM.

“We were extremely fortunate to be featured,” said Kirby, owner and promoter. “The piece not only spotlighted what Reel Roots is bringing to Cincinnati, but it also took a look at some noted musicians within the genre.”

Artists like John Whelan and Alyth McCormack were featured in the piece.

“While bringing international musicians to Cincinnati is certainly one of our goals, we also want to raise awareness for the genre,” said Kirby.

Reel Roots has been accomplishing this aspect of their mission by posting monthly interviews with noted musicians to the website, offering workshops with artists they bring to the city and more.

Exclusive interviews with Alyth McCormack and John Whelan have already been posted to the website.

To listen to the WNKU interview, please visit:

To read exclusive interviews published by Reel Roots, please visit:


For the latest on concert dates, artist interviews and more, please visit the Reel Roots Folk Music Alliance website at

For more on this story, or to contact Kristen Kirby, please use the contact information and/or contact form available at

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Alyth McCormack


2 thoughts on “Reel Roots in WNKU-FM Interview Featuring John Whelan and Alyth McCormack

  1. John Whelan and Alyth McCormack are two who I enjoy listening to! I wish Cincinnati was closer, but it will be a resource for new music for me from now on! Thanks!


  2. Well Celtic music comes to Michigan anyway. And when it comes you will be a great source of information. Anyway it is great that the United States is very supportive of this kind of music.


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