Gallaic Q-Celtic Language is Making a Return.

From Museo do Pobo Galego
From Museo do Pobo Galego courtesy of Los Miller's Blog

Wow something really exciting is going on here. To solidify Galicia’s place in the Seven Celtic Nations, there is an effort to revive an old language known as the Gallaic Q-Celtic language spoken by the ancient peoples of this part of Spain. We have witnessed the importance of Galician music in the scene but most of us probably didn’t even know until now that they have their own language which I am sure when realize, will sound as beautiful as the rest of the Celtic languages. So it is all about evolving and interweaving just like the knot work itself that represents the culture.  Read more about article by Vincent F. Pintado,
Founder of the Gallaic Revival Movement


First of all , I want to thank Claudio of The Celtic World for providing this wonderful link. He is from Brazil and is an avid supporter of all things Celtic from the Seven Nations. Not only that he is passionate about the art of music, he is also doing his best to push the awareness in his own personal blog which I urge you to visit.

I also want to thank Christi for the support she has given me , which tells me why I need to write more. She is from Michigan and the Irish blood in her veins is the reason she is so passionate about Gardening , writing journal and supporting Celtic music. She tells me she is now drawn to Galician music.

Lana who has a lot of Irish in her, is a painter. And her great sense of beauty is also the main reason she drops by and supports beautiful music. I really recommend that you visit her  beautiful blog, and the visual stuff she created..

7 thoughts on “Gallaic Q-Celtic Language is Making a Return.

  1. Thank you so much, Bax! You introduced me to Galician music and it’s fabulous and such an addition to what we know as Celtic music.

    It’s so great to see how Galicia adds such an exciting layer to the known Celtic tunes with its own regional music “cuisine!” I am so glad to have made such a rich discovery! Thank you for the introduction!!!


  2. Thank you, Bax! “Celtic World” is a challenge for me, on the research of topics and expression on a foreign language. But every work done with care brings results.

    Like you said, there’s something going on…


  3. Brithonc, not gallaecian, was the last celtic language spoken in Galiza, that was during de suevic kingdom of Gallaecia, by the breton settlers, who leave Britannia due to the germanic invasions. They had their own Bishop, the Bishop of Britonia (Bretoña/Bretonha in galician), that was also the only example of celtic christianity outside of Britannia, Hibernia (Ireland) of Armorica (today Britanny).


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