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Got an interesting message from Jennifer of World Music News Wire. Here is one interesting site if you want fresh news on what’s happening around  in terms of World Music. MY friend once corrected me that it is World Beat (a.k.a format). But I don’t really think so. Some of the World Music I heard doesn’t really require beats. Anyway,  I got this interesting article about Altan which I’d say is beautifully written(picture courtesy of the site):

Ireland’s Gift to the World: The Celtic Masters of Altan Celebrate a Quarter Century of Tradition and Innovation

While checking the links, I also bumped into this blogger from Galicia. I have covered anything Galician in this site and I am glad to read something from a person who is literally from there. Politics, music(mostly) and day-to-day events can read here:

Thoughts from Galicia, Spain

..And finally Anne Roos whom I covered here is showcasing her Renaissance Fair performance. Check more of the lovely pictures here:

Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos


8 thoughts on “Other blogs , Other thoughts..

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