Hi guys, another public service announcement 🙂 Lucky for those of you who are in the location! She’s back.

ANNETTE GRIFFIN, to perform at

Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Fest, at the Emerald Stage

Sunday, May 30th from 4:15pm-5:30pm

Monday, May 31st from 1:15pm2:45pm

For the eighth time, Celtic songbird, Annette Griffin will perform at Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Fest on May 30th and May 31st . Gaelic Park’s core mission is to preserve Irish culture by providing great Celtic music, dance, and other forms of entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Traditional Celtic music lovers will drift in pure bliss with Annette’s crisp, clear voice and soothing melodies. Not only is she a great singer, but she is a talented harpist which clearly demonstrates her versatility. Get ready to be mystified with Annette Griffin on May 30th at 4:15pm and May 31st at 1:15pm.

ANNETTE GRIFFIN will perform at the Emerald Stage on both dates. Chicago Gaelic Park is located at 6119 West 147th St., Oak Forest, IL 60452. For more information, please call at (708) 687-9323 or you may visit for details.


This February, Irish singer and entertainer, Annette Griffin, is proud to introduce her music nationally to North America with, “Songs From The Heart of Ireland her first cd release here.  The key track, ‘The Heart That Beats in Ireland,’is written by Irish songwriter, Brendan Graham, who wrote the world wide mega hit, ‘You Raise Me Up,’ with Rolf Loveland of the group, Secret Garden.  The song is about immigration and the sadness of leaving the Irish soil and then the happiness in returning to Ireland. The theme her is that there is always an Irish heart there to help, support and understand, as the song says, “…The heart that beats in Ireland beats all around this World.”

Other tracks include the ‘Isle of Innisfree’ from the movie, The Quiet Man, with John Wayne. Track number three on the cd is called ‘A Medley’ and includes a wonderful selection of great nostalgic sing along tunes, ‘Galway Bay’, ‘Sing Me An Old Irish Song’ and ‘A Mother’s Blessing’.  ‘The Rose of Allendale” is about the Irish immigration, leaving your loved ones but holding onto the memories.  The Cd also includes some modern popular tunes such as ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’, ‘I Will Always Love You’ and ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth.’

Annette Griffin, was raised in a house that is over 300 years old and sits on the bank of a river surrounded by woodlands in County Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. Like the house, Annette comes from an amazing Irish Heritage, having been encouraged by her mother Frances, a gifted singer, pianist, organist and violinist, to play and sing music. As a young girl, Annette was also taught to play the Harp by the nuns in the local convent.  She spent many musical evenings in the house where she grew up, where music and singing were given an honored place.  Annette went on to study voice and music at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin and then was invited to join the prestigious group of entertainers, “The Bunratty Castle Singers”  in Shannon, Ireland where she was principal harpist and singer for many years and traveled all over the world performing. After Bunratty, Annette concentrated on her solo career and has had an amazing run including singing for President Bill Clinton, Prince Philip, and on invitation by Ireland’s president Mary Robinson to perform for the King and Queen of Sweden.

For the past 20 years Annette Griffin has been the principal entertainer at Ashford Castle, a beautiful 13th Century Castle set among 450 acres of parkland overlooking the spectacular lakes of the West of Ireland. Ashford Castle has played host to many international dignitaries and has recently been voted one of the top 12 hotels in the world. While at Ashford Castle, Annette has met many people from all over the world and has made many fans.

“Songs From the Heard of Ireland can be purchased on

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  1. Chicago has many Irish centers that share music and of course Irish heritage! (Wish I lived closer, but the emails help for when we do get to this city!)

    We will be in town the week before, darn! Thanks for the info though! I will check out the Chicago Gaelic Park site more often!

    Another site in Chicago to check out for good music is Irish American Heritage Center.


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