Shhhh! Listen to Skeeal Music

From their MySpace witten in Manx:

she possan dy wheig ‘skeeal’ jannoo ymmyd jeh feddanyn mooarey, gitar as coraaghyn. tayrn veih stoo tradishoonagh as bunneydagh, t’ad cummey reaghysyn sheiltynagh as smooinaghtagh, gleashaghey eddyr ny tree chengaghyn gaelgagh. t’ad voish mannin ny keayrtyn.

Another reason to off the lights: Skeaal has arrived coming from the sunny Isle of Man. This band has brought with them not only the Manx identity but also the ancient spirit of the culture by singing in Manx Gaelic which I and the rest of my readers will also like. When one speaks a foreign language …and turns t into a song, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t understand a thing. How the words and the infliction merge with each other becomes a music on its own. And it is not difficult learning the language this way. In my research , the last native speaker of  Manx died in 1974. But I know the language is making its revival with the help of bands like these. You can’t  force people to learn the language…you have to coax them into it. And this is how you do it.

The music is rich in melody and the instrumentals stand on their own. Relaxing yet has the flavor of Jazz, Rock and Folk. The band has been together for five years and the new album Slipway is out.


5 thoughts on “Shhhh! Listen to Skeeal Music

  1. Very cool! I wonder how they can resurrect a language when the last speaker died in the ’70s. I wonder if they had recordings of him to copy the sounds of the words? I’d sure love to talk to them! (In English, of course!)


  2. Hi,
    I play in Skeeal, and although the above comments are true about our native speaker dying, people were learning the language and its been kept alive. We have a primary school where children learn through the medium of Manx, and some playschools which use Manx, not wholly, but its a great way of introducing the kids to Manx in a gentle way 🙂

    The language is thriving, culture is thriving, and all is good with manx! Gaelg Vio – Long Live Manx!


  3. Not an honour at all Baxter!! We really appreciate postive feedback on what we do, it is so often missed when people perform traditional music, they just think its about playing the music really fast, getting the audience going, and yes thats all part of it, but with Skeeal, its about finding a new way of performing something, being creative and the language is a huge part of that for us.
    Simone 🙂


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