Manx Music:King Chiaullee

Got this from their MySpace profile:

King Chiaullee are an acoustic Celtic music group from the Isle of Man. They have been playing together since they met up at High School in 1993. Their repertoire is made up mostly of original compositions mixed in with traditional Manx, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Breton, Cornish… Basically, if they like the tune, they’ll have it!

“an intoxicating mixture of traditional Manx, original compositions and tunes borrowed from the Irish and Scots repertoires”

Everyone in the band has a slightly different taste in music, which is reflected in their tune sets which can comprise of a lot of weird and wonderful ideas.

“audacious, intelligent and very exciting!”

The bands ambition is to take Manx music to the masses and to be a little bit different.

KC play mostly on the Isle of Man, however the band have also performed all over the world at Lorient Festival Interceltique (Brittany), Montreal Celtic Festival (Canada), Bethlehem Celtic Classics (USA), Chicago Celtic Fest (USA), Cwlwm Celtaidd (Wales), Lowender Perran (Cornwall), Derrygonnelly (N.Ireland), and even Dubai!!


I love Manx music as well as the language itself. The words oddly resemble a cross between Icelandic and Welsh to me…well that’s just me. I was first introduced to Manx music by Emma Christian.  Isle of Man is an Island between Ireland and Britain. It boasts a unique Celtic culture of its own.


2 Replies to “Manx Music:King Chiaullee”

  1. What an interesting group – and their sound is really something too. Some of the instruments are something too (That whistle is huge!), but the sound is very, very cool.


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