Mabon: Welsh,Innovative and World Beat

So far “Shindig” which is the title of the video here has been heard again and again and never gets stale. I love the energy and  fusion of acoustic and electronic sound. This is Celtic rock with a Jazz,World and Funk edge. An exciting music to emerge from Wales.


4 Replies to “Mabon: Welsh,Innovative and World Beat”

  1. You’re right – there is an abundance of energy in this band! It seems to have a real kaleidoscope of styles with a strong base of the Celtic and Celtic rock which has its own thing going these days.

    Interestingly the picture shows all gents, and the fiddle player is a woman in the video…hmmm. There needs to be some exploration done here!

    Thanks for the connection – as always!


  2. Argh…I had to replace my computer & Windows 7 (64-bit,) is totally sucking so far. The video doesn’t even appear in the post for me. I’m still working on getting this POS running properly, so I’ll be back. 😦


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