Jean Butler and Colin Dunne in the World of Irish Dancing

It is hard to grasp the intensity of the impact made by these two artists in the world of Irish dance.  They made Irish dancing such an irresistible art that young people are getting into it hoping to be the next Jean Butler or Colin Dunne.

Celticmusicfan  salutes these two artists for setting the trail on fire, making Irish dancing a sought after form of art for generations to come.


I could not put into words my reaction upon seeing Irish dancing for the first time. Without any background or reference, I was left with nothing to compare it to. I know tap dancing originated from this. I also know that it is like ballet only with minimal hand movements. There is something regal about this form of dancing…somehow ominous and even victorious in nature. This is how faeries should move like. After seeing this, I know I will never be captivated by any for of dance the way it has captivated my mind and soul. I never cared for Michael Jackson dance steps or Madonna’s choreography. Somehow they look pale in comparison to this.

A good reference about Irish dance: and


5 thoughts on “Jean Butler and Colin Dunne in the World of Irish Dancing

  1. When I attended the festival in Muskegon the young people who were step dancing were so exciting! During the Solas concert one young man was dancing in the isles and the musicians brought him to the stage and did a set specifically so he could join in! His dancing was fabulous and the other young people dancing in the various venues were exceptional as well, and the audiences loved the dancing.

    Riverdance showcased internationally for the first time the art form that is Irish step dancing. I loved the music that came out of the show, but the dancing of these two captured the world’s attention.


    • I can imagine how exciting that last concert you went to. This is what I love about the Irish The irresistible spirit is hard to contain 🙂 Yes the dancing is very fascinating.


  2. Absolutely superb! It’s a great pleasure for me learning and discovering more and more about Irish culture.

    (By the way, this video is amazing. It’s very hard to edit and switch a live event like that.)


  3. I watched the whole of Riverdance for the first time the other day. It is just breathtaking. I loved it all, from the amazing pipes solo of “Chu Chulainn’s Lament” to the incredible dancing formations and energy of the finale of Act 1. Musically and visually, it made me feel alive!! Thanks for posting this video! 🙂


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