Beltain’s Fire :Hip Hoppin’ Celtique

reppin for my clan & all my kinfolk,
everybody comin up cuz fa’real – we’ve been broke
far too long, so we gotta stay strong
scots, irish, welsh, manx, cornish, bretons, and on
for all my bards and poets, rappers and scribes
no matter where you come from, it’s time to thrive
so let’s do the damn thang, like snare, kick, swing
this is beltaine’s fire, check the style we bring
celtic soul, hip hop beats,

(taken from I Am, Beltain’s Fire)

On the other side of the spectrum there is an artist named Emcee Lynx who fuses something that is not typical but something that is of great importance. If you haven’t heard of Hip Hop band Beltain’s Fire then this is the best time to tune your ears and listen to this important artist behind the music.

I never listened to hip hop even in high school but this just sort of turn my ears 360 degrees. Mixing traditional instruments with beats and smooth rapping is refreshing to hear. This is not just electronic stuff, this is tradition meets street culture. This is young meets the old, a traditional frame of mind meeting the radical and instead of rebelling against one another, they sort of take this contrast and create a new art altogether.


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