Gaelic Culture in Cape Breton

Whether you are listening to headphones or theater speakers,the production quality of Putumayos’s Celtic Crossroads will satisfy both formats. The good thing about these compilation as well as the rest that’s been floating around is that they introduce us to popular as well as unheard of artists. These albums are teasers on what to expect if you get into these unique acts.\par
For instance, the first track Parting Glass from Emer Kelly is head turning;  with a voice that is breathy and ethereal as well. Capercaillie’s Hoirean O also made a surprising addition to the mix. Rough energetic styles like Keltik Elektrik’s Wild Mountain Thyme, Peatbog Faeries’ Captain Cou and Ashley McIsaac’s To America(with Mary Jane Lamond on vocals) spar well with Cara Dillon’s diaphanous alternative folk She’s Like the Swallow.Then, there’s Mick McAuley’s luminous track The House Carpenter. Still other known acts like Sinead O’Connor performing Her Mantle is stunning. Alan Stivell’s E Kreiz Hag En makes you long for more Breton music . Gwenno’s ethereal scruffy vocals on Tryweryn makes you wish for a full length album. Michael McGodrick’s Sully’s is a testament to Celtic music’s ability to fuse with other styles and genre yet making it still distinctively world music. This is a must have for those who like their Celtic music a bit of something else and totally familiar.

Emer Kenny – Parting Glass
Capercaillie – Hoireann O
Keltik Elektrik – Wild Mountain Thyme
Michael McGoldrick – Sully’s No.37/Lucy’s Reel
Gwenno – Tryweryn
Mick McAuley – The House Carpenter
Cara Dillon – She’s Like the Swallow
Alan Stivell – E Kreiz Hag Endro
Sinéad O’Conner – Her Mantle So Green
Peatbog Faeries – Captain Coull’s Parrot
Ashley MacIsaac featuring Mary Jane Lamond – To America We Go


I found this wonderful video about The Gaelic Culture in Caper Breton. One of the best places in the world!


One of the best attractions when you go to Santiago de Compostela ,Spain is the music.


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