The Legacy of Brenda Wootton

Brenda Wootton put Cornish music on the map when she started her music career in the 60s. Blessed with an amazing voice and a gift for poetry and story telling, she was seen as an ambassador of Cornish music. Listening to her sing in this video now, I realize that no one will ever have this voice again. Thanks to the Internet, a lot of young people are once again rediscovering this wonderful artist. More about Brenda Wootton here: and

Here is also a helpful guide to the music of Cornwall :

6 thoughts on “The Legacy of Brenda Wootton

  1. What a voice! I love this song. It’s so gentle, so soft and it really draws you in even though you don’t know the language at all.

    I am constantly reminded that though the British Isles are English speaking now there were many languages there before the Angles and Saxons – and after as well


  2. Thanks! Yes a unique voice indeed…recorded at a time when reverb and studio gimmicks were not yet invented. I recommend the movie “Mists of Avalon’ with Angelica Houston. It will shed light to Cornwall’s Celtic myth and its relationship to Arthurian Legend. This movie made me cry. I am uploading a video again.


  3. We are in the process of producing a new Brenda Wootton CD, from previously unheard Paris Concert recording. This is unique is so many way and we are fortunate in that the analogue tape has survived in good enough condition to be digitised.

    Finding out more on website


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