Wow I used to hunt for news on the web. Now news goes to me. That’s why I can’t be away from my mailbox because I get surprises everyday.  Take for instance this band profile sent to me by my correspondence. Barleyjuice has one of the loudest instruments in the Celtic family, the bagpipes. It’s also a coincidence because it has been a week that I have been hooked to bagpipe music. Sometimes I really want my music that loud. So these guys will really amuse you, not only with their interesting backgrounds but the fact that the music is really fascinating. Expect great instrumental playing and Highland dancing. Expect to be carried away. Check out the videos and their music page to get the idea . Anyway I am just posting the info I got here and hopefully , you will get your own CDs of Barleyjuice out in the stores right now.


February 1st on Ryf Records

“This album takes no more than seconds to drag you in, wring you out…”

Shay Clarke, WDCB Radio/Irish American News

Bonny Prince Barley named Celtic Rock Album of the Year by

BARLEYJUICE— Kyf Brewer, Keith Swanson, Billy Dominick, Jimmy Carbomb, Eric Worthington and Gregor Schroeder – on their latest release, Bonny Prince Barley, will excite their fans with this album of unrepentant Celtic Rock.  Here you’ll find great tunes, smart lyrics and a few instant classics from these great songwriters and musicians.

Barleyjuice have been described as Infectious…fun…delightful” by Jamie O’Brien, music critic for The Irish Edition.  Bonny Prince Barley is Barleyjuice’s fourth studio release. With only ten carefully picked selections, it rounds a new corner for the band, further defining their trademark sound within their penchant for creating the perfect package.

Steeped in originals that sound like traditionals, Bonny Prince Barley leaps out of the starting gate on a high note and keeps you happily riding the wave until the very last note has faded.  Shay Clarke adds that Bonny Prince Barley is  “Toe tapping, hand clapping, whiskey drinking, crowd pleasing, high stepping music that makes the blood flow a little faster.”

BONNY PRINCE BARLEY is available on the band’s web site and at live appearances. For lyrics, song credits, more music and to learn more about the band, visit   For further information/media contact Anita Daly, Daly Communications, 212 772 0852 or

A brief description of the songs on Bonny Prince Barley:

Track #1: “Drunkard’s Ambassadors” – penned by Kyf Brewer & Keith Swanson, is a high energy tune with both political and alcoholic gleanings. Having enjoyed this song in the group’s live show for over a year, many Barleyjuice fans refer to the band members using this term!

Track #2: “Swig” – Keith Swanson hits his high mark with this intricate jig, his first recorded since Another Round’s “Taylor’s Fancy”. Note the smattering of Jethro Tull, which comes in the form of whistler Jimmy “Carbomb” Parkinson’s solo.

Track #3: “Songs For Sinners” – Following such tongue-in-cheek faves as “Tartan is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair” and “Love With a Priest” from Six Yanks, Kyf Brewer follows through with more twisted wit and wisdom done Irish style. We’ll all lay together, beneath the bloomin’ heather…

Track #4: “Hard Life of Ivan MacRae” – Brewer turns a corner with this serious and touching ballad of a common Irish townie and his not-quite-realized dreams to break out. Expertly sung and heartfelt, with a touch of the traditional, “March of the King of Laois” woven throughout.

Track #5: “Weekend Irish” – a fist-raising anthem to the festival lovers. Described as Bruce Springsteen meets the Pogues, this shout-out chorus is a favorite at every event, and a popular Celtic radio request. With the inclusion of the bagpipe on “Rising of the Moon”, penned by the powerful matrimonial writing team of Kyf & Kay Brewer, co-authors of “What’s Up Yours?” from Another Round, and “Love With a Priest” from Six Yanks.

Track #6: “Nancy Whiskey” – done in ska fashion, the latest Barleyjuice Nancy song, traditionally sung by Keith “Swanny” Swanson, which joins a list of Nancy songs included on previous offerings, in honor of his wife of 20-odd whiskey-and-beer-soaked years.

Track #7: “Jo’rneyman’s Song” – Brewer’s rustic ballad, which sings well in the pubs and tells of the highs and woes of a traveling musician and the good folk he bids hello and goodbye. Jimmy Parkinson accompanies Kyf’s bare-bones acoustic guitar & vocal with a lone bass whistle.

Track #8: “London Calling” – a Celtic rock-up of the Clash’s classic tune, featuring Billy Dominick’s bluegrass fiddle on excerpts of “Road to Lisdoonvarna”.

Track #9: “My Bonnie Lassie and Me”  – a gentle, lilting ballad of life in the highlands of Scotland. Written and crooned by Jimmy Parkinson.

Track #10: “Bleary-Eyed Beauty” – hats off to the Pogues, Brewer’s powerful lullaby carries the same energy as “A Pair of Brown Eyes”, and sings of looking after a favorite femme after a full night of partying. Originally written for his young daughters, the appeal is widened by the fact that the lyrics are easily adaptable to a wild love affair with a very unpredictable young lover.

As the last bars of the repeated chorus fade, the message of Bonny Prince Barley rings clear. The little bar band from Philly has done it again… only better! Thanks for your support.

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