Evelyn Glennie: How to Listen to Music with Your Whole Body

How does a person who could not hear listen to music? Evelyn Glennie lost her sense of hearing at an early age. But that did not stop her love for music.She plays the loudest instruments in the classical family which are the percussion. Because she could not hear, she usually takes off her shoes in performances and listen to music through her feet. Yes!

I came across an article about Evelyn Glennie in senior high school. Since then her story got stuck in my head. Through the years I followed her career on and off. It was when I moved to Manila when A friend(who is a sound Engineer ) told me that she met Dame Glennie personally in UP Diliman College of Music . She came to town to conduct music seminars and it’s always an interesting experience. This woman not only single-handedly changed the history of  modern music, she also inspired people all over the world to listen in a different way.

As usual TED TV always brings us fresh source of ideas and this video is something that I came across yesterday. Now this is very important not only to musicians but also to audiences who want to experience something beyond what is taught by programing. So please join me in experiencing this wonderful speech from a woman whose talent is unparalleled.


2 thoughts on “Evelyn Glennie: How to Listen to Music with Your Whole Body

  1. I saw this grand musician when she came to our area symphony to be a guest artist. She’s been here twice to play with the orchestra and she brought in so many to listen with their ears and bodies!! She really is fabulous!


  2. Wow you are a lucky one to have seen her in person! Thanks for watching this video. I know this is long and I actually watched it in two parts. One , last night and then today. Then I had to watch it all over again.


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