A Love Letter to Musicians

If you are a musician and your business is simply music, there will be people out there who will try to say something in this matter. There will always be critics who will make you feel inadequate or irrelevant without listening first to your album . It is funny how people can formulate reviews based on snippets they hear on the Internet or a run through with the album without reading the liner notes, the lyrics, the artwork and even the production techniques that make up the album.

They forget to note that an album is a collaboration between a musician, the producer and the talents hired to arrange a song. They forget that taste dictates what is ‘appropriate’ and what is not. People will always gravitate towards the flavor of the moment. Those who create amusement on the media . After all, it is easy to catch attention by smashing a guitar over speakers than creating clever counter points and pizzicato. This is my love letter to musicians. Please do what pleases you and never let anyone put you down. Especially if that someone doesn’t even care or know about the music that you make.


2 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Musicians

  1. Thanks for being able to relate to it Lana. I just wrote this after realizing that there will always people out there who will put down remarkable talents…even to the point of destroying the person. This is my battle cry and this one goes to all artists, musical, visual or otherwise


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