Leo’s Tavern, Up and Running!

My thanks to bigfan for posting the updates to Unity,our Enya forum/playground. Leo’s Tavern is the same place that gave birth to the famous Brennans , Enya and members of Clannad. I love how the website is professionally rendered and the pictures are tasteful. For those travelling to County Donegal this summer, please don’t forget to drop by Leo’s Tavern. And greet Enya’s mom and dad, Leo and Baba.


L to R:Moya(Clannad),Olive and Enya durng Moya's wedding

L to R:Moya(Clannad),Olive and Enya during Moya's wedding

More Enya and Clannad pics can be found here


3 thoughts on “Leo’s Tavern, Up and Running!

  1. Me to Chris. I am almost all of the Clannad albms and Moya’s solo albums. Can’t wait for Clannad to get back together. Right now I am writing a review for Moya Brennan’s Heartstings which is a live CD with the Liverpool symphony orchestra. But I am procrastinating because I am still looking at Mary Fahl’s videos LOL!


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