What’s New in Music !

So many updates, so little time. I am writing this in breakneck speed while I m trying to uncover a new band from Russia as well as a gifted siren who sent me an email. I shall post them in this site soon . But first thing’s first. The wind has taken us to the Scottish skies . There are new releases waiting foe our ears to swallow-hahahaha I like this imagery.


Celtic Metal from the Russian Federation:Fferyllt

I didn’t know what to say. This band blew the rooftops with their explosive brand of music-A union of Celtic and Metal music. There is nothing more refreshing than to have someone shake down the house once in a while. What can I say? They look better than most metal bands though…and sound much ,much better. Take a look at this edited video I found in YouTube:

Official band site:http://www.fferyllt.net/


Siren of Songs from British Columbia:Oona McOuat

I have heard of Oona McOuat long before I got a mail from her but I didnt know how to get in touch. Like all wonderful musicians I listen to, she lives in British Columbia. Her music is a combination of soft tunes drenched in soulful saxophones, traditional instruments and lounge sophistication that makes just lose yourself to the music after a hard day’s work. Her music is evocative and her voice is part ethereal and part earthly rooted both in folk and jazz. I love her refreshing approach to this kind of genre because she really brings something new to it. Like bringing a new set of recipes on a get together party . I hear a bit of Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant and Loreena McKennitt in her . But of course the music is uniquely Oona McOuat.

You can listen to her songs here:


Her new album Honey and Holy Water is now available. You can learn more at her official website: http://www.oonamcouat.com/

I will be posting more updates about her soon.


3 Replies to “What’s New in Music !”

  1. Fferyllt is a real intense form of Celtic music with the an intense heavy metal edge that works!!! I’m not much for heavy metal, but this is good!

    Oona has a gorgeous voice with a real smoky overtone that I like as well. Thanks for the links!


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