Fiona J McKenzie’s Highland Enchantment

I was listening to my favorite radio station andheard this wonderful singer from the East Coast of Scotland , Fiona McKenzie. She recently got Special Merit of the Year from Live Ireland Award 2010:

“Scotland and the Greentrax label gave us Fiona Mackenzie and, A Good Suit of Clothes—Songs of the Emigrant Gael. Between the liner notes and Fiona’s beautiful, beautiful voice, we have an album that has everything. The songs! The information!! Best of all, Fiona!!!! What a voice, and what a talent! The album is important history. But, forget all that. It IS important, but forget all that. Focus on Fiona. Total talent, total beauty in the songs and a total winner. Special Merit, indeed. VERY special, indeed!! Fiona, you are just wonderful!”

Her approach is more stripped down and fresh. Her song Taladh Chriosda is simply shimmering. I know it is past Christmas but I think a beautiful album is worth a listen to the whole year round.


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