The Legendary Altan Celebrates 25 Years of Music

Unlike rock and pop bands, Celtic musicians stick around for a long time. The music is timeless and its not about attitude or fame. It’s about the love of music and the dedication to a tradition that spans thousands and thousands of years. Although the label “celtic music” only started around more than 30 years ago, it’s connection to the ancient spirit of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Isle of Man, Gallicia , Cornwall and the rest of the places heavy with Celtic diaspora is undeniable.

I can attest to that being here from the Philippines and I was not spared by its power.

Altan, a band from Donegal Ireland celebrates 25 years of music. I am still sad because I really remember Frankie Kennedy who passed away . He was a big part of Altan. I am glad the band still continues to challenge, bewitch and bring us nothing but good ol’ Irish music. They are on tour and has released a live album with RTE Concert Orchestra

Check out the bands website for the latest news


6 Replies to “The Legendary Altan Celebrates 25 Years of Music”

  1. Love their music and like you I find it hard to believe they have had such staying power – but that shows the passion from the fans for the music and the musicianship of this fabulous group. That is what’s different in this genre of music – the groups and singers always gets better and the fan base continues to grow.

    Thanks for article!


    1. I agree Christi. I only got to them in the 90’s since records of th genre was rare here a decade earlier. As you can see in the video…she’s a mom and she plays and sings! Such talent this lady has.


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