Lisa Lynne Franco’s Circle of Hope, Love and Peace.

Beautiful Celtic harp music for all seasons!

I strongly recommend Fairy Tales  by Lisa Lynne Franco, for those who love Celtic harp music. This is a beautiful album filled with optimistic melodies and tender percussion. It also features a bamboo flute by George Tortorelli. The album opens with the beautiful mid-eastern flavored Dance of Herod. Like a wicked bar of dark chocolate, the tune waltzes into our consciousness. This is a perfect soundtrack for traveling.

Cucanandy is a stately  bouncing tune with its use of tin whistles and chimes. Douce Dame Jolie is of old English flavour with a Scottish lilt embellished with bouzouki lines. Crimson Morn as the title suggest, is a lament. The bright  and breezy rendition reminds me walks on the beach. Now Oh Now, I needs Must Part is a Valentines tune-but not the happy kind!

Carolyn’s Welcome is tune at the fireside. The strings are impeccable with their warmth. Chimes, tin whistle among other instruments wrap this Irish tune. It is a perfect holiday song. Lisa gives a refreshing redo on this Simon and Garfunkel classic Scarborough Fair. It stays loyal to the original tempo, but with hints of Enyaesque swaying of string parts in the middle part.

Fanny Power is playful. This piece evokes scenes of the summery countryside and child-like innocence. The 10th track Circle of Joy is probably Lisa Lynne’s most ‘pop’ instrumental piece. I first got hold of this on the Celtic Season’s compilation and I never got tired listening to it. Regal, optimistic and magical; this tune will continue to hook future listeners.

Greensleeves has  been covered by other artists and it is just ok.  Boru’s March is a traditional piece that I remember from Breton musician Alan Stivell.

Love and Peace is a magical album. It is filled with the spirit of Renaissance and traditional Celtic.


Phil Holland
Phil Holland

In the vein of Instrumental music, I would like to present to you this wonderful artist by the name of Phil Holland. I am looking forward for an interview article about her-if her time permits!

Check her MySpace page out and listen to the music.


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