Introducing Radio Celt

Featured artist:Ashley McIsaac

It is not often I come across an online radio that broadcasts a wide array of styles within a particular genre of music. Celtic music is so diverse as we can hear from Radio Celt. It brings to us a lot of  ‘doorways’ where we can listen based in our preferences. If you like  male or  female artists, traditional, rock, progressive and anything under the light of the moon, they are here.

What I love about this site is the clarity of the music it delivers .The featured artists are those we’ve heard before. There are also artists new to our ears. I was surprise to  hear an operatic aria on a song composed  in a style that makes you ask ” is this still Celtic music?” And then a few listens bring me back to the Altan-meets- Clannad- meets The Corrs types.  Hey Paul Brady’s The Hawana Way is getting airplay here!

If you are curious with what I mean, just follow the link down below. I tell ya man,will bring the groovy bard within you. So  dance, dance, dance to the music.


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