Enya, hitting the #1 spot of the Billboard New Age chart

“I think they find it — they find me quite confusing, because — they know the music, but they don’t know anything about me … because I keep a very private lifestyle so they end up … making up stories as such. But I don’t really concern myself too much about them”

Enya (When asked about her opinion on the music press)

Hearing Enya news is like having the best English Breakfast tea ever. I remember I was at an acquaintance party with friends a few nights ago. we Were in this popular diner. There were few people around. The ambiance was good. The food was excellent. But the tea was fantastic! My eyes literally rolled at the taste of that hot tea(complete with dried leaves floating inside the porcelain teapot).


From one of our readers…..

Anne In Wisconsin emailed me with this wonderful news:

Hello!  I enjoy your blog on Celtic music.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been working with Enya’s US label to help spread the word about The Very Best of Enya CD and CD/DVD.  Since you’re up on the Eurochannel info, I thought I’d pass along two more bits to you. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to post these on your blog.
Thanks for your consideration.

Anne In Wisconsin

1.  Enya’s new CD “The Very Best of Enya” is at the top of the Billboard New Age chart.  Billboard’s New Age Chart The CD is #1 and the CD/DVD is #3.  I believe the album has gone Gold in just 6 short weeks.
2.   Have you seen the DVD?  Really high quality videos.  You can see one here, and it’s OK to post it to your sites.  http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid4020141001/?bctid=ref:A10302B0000121411Y

Thank you so much for that news Anne In Wisconsin. Though I get spammed by posting my email on the upper right corner of this blog, I do appreciate a wonderful news now and then. Thank you for your continued support and in spreading the magic of Enya’s music around.

By the way  that HQ version of Orinoco Flow is really excellent.


I saw our  Tony, our job trainer this afternoon. He’s also a DJ. I know he likes Enya and he likes to play Oíche Chiún [Silent Night] during the Holiday Season. While other stations are heavily into top 40 rock, he takes time to play  May it Be from LOTR or any songs from Enya’s albums. His taste is eclectic because he also listens to bands and other interesting music. He is not an intellectual or musical elitist that would dismiss you just because he doesn’t like what you listen to. I am like that too and that’s why we click. So Tony if you are also reading this blog, my kudos to you and your one of a kind way of looking at life.


We know that Enya’s music doesn’t totally fall on the Celtic genre but there’s so much of an Irish in her…and you can say that her temperament, beauty, and past associations with Clannad(members are her siblings) , Altan , Christy Moore (she sang back up in Sweet Music Roll On and Quiet Desperation: Backing vocals – Assistant Arranger – Keyboards)  -and that she also speaks Gaelic, her first language-these are all the things that endear us to her.

Her music- simple arrangements on top of a dense multi- swathed sound is what sets her apart from the rest. No matter what people say, hundreds of years from now, when the world has moved on forgetting the divas of today, people will still be listening to Enya.

More interesting facts can be read in this link:


12 thoughts on “Enya, hitting the #1 spot of the Billboard New Age chart

  1. I so agree with you on the phenomenal Enya! I have many of her CDs and enjoyed her early work with Clannad VERY much too!

    I certainly hope she will have a new CD in the works soon, though the compilation, “The Very Best of Enya,” is great!


  2. Caribbean blue is by far my favorite! One spring day in 1992 I heard it on them little round speakers at my local Galleria Mall in Rochester MN but then, I didnj,t know the title NOR the artist It took many years and when I found out it was Caribbean blue, I rushed over to best buy and bought it! How I could tell was my ferfect musical PITCH! I love the first part that begins with a very raw “A major” percussion sound then after that transition part in which “F maj” “C maj” E min” and then the final key change to D minor the best part I think is the WANING part in which they use 8 measures of each of these chords “Bb major” “D minor” :C major” :G major” “Bb major” “C major” ” D minor” “A minor” that WANING portion of the song with those 8 chords images me being surrounded by a large choir, you,re bone thirsty, and lost in a large public facility (A temple or mall a good example) but it sounds terrific! and then,…just waning voices as the lyrics run out and wrapping up with these 4 final chords of “F major” “D minor” “C major” “G minor”. I like that idea that Caribbean blue proceeds “Orinoco flow” on one CD and “Storms in Africa” on her latest CD.


    1. The only Dan Mataya I know that would ever be able to pick out notes, and beat any video game ever including Elevator Action.
      Is the Dan Mataya that lives in Rochester Minnesota.
      The second person in Rochester to make it to level 8-4 on Super Mario Brothers at the Tropic Bowl.
      He witnessed me make it to 8-1 but I choked trying to run across those spaces.
      Also, the only person I know that can remember a persons birthday even after 30 years.
      Dan, my birthday is 11-17-72, do you know who I am?


  3. I know that transition to F maj that you are talking about. Enya mastered the book of scales as a teenager since she studied music formally. She never gave up on those scales even as she mentioned’ her brothers and sisters were out on the sun and she was left by herself to study music’. I think that dedication and decipline payed off in the long run… after selling more than 75,000,000 albums.There is this regal control that runs through all her compositions. Her music are neither saccharine nor too update. They have this timeless sense in them…the kind of thing you get when you wait patiently…waiting for that one perfect note.


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